Do Russian Women Hate Dating Local Men?

Published: 05th August 2010
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The number of Russian dating sites on the net have boomed over the last decade. This leads to the obvious question: do Russian women avoid dating men from their own country or is this a scam? The answer is no to both questions. Russian women love the men of their country and are very loyal. But there are only 22 single men for every 25 single women in Russia and this gender gap has created a significant international dating industry.

What this equates to is at any one time there are thousands of Russian women looking for love online. But if you are searching for your soul mate, you should keep in mind who you are competing against to get her attention. Not only are you competing against other western men, local Russian men are trying to catch her attention as well. In any war, know your foe. To know what you are up against, lets take a look at the typical Russian man.

Are Russian Men Sexist?

Russian culture is world of extremes. Despite the stereotypes you see on TV, Russian men are loving husbands and this is reflected in a divorce rate that is actually lower than that in the USA (43.3% compared to 45.8%).

Problems start to arise though when you combine a male shortage in this country together with a traditional culture that see men as superior to women. Status in old Russia came through marriage.. Russian women tend to marry young and a woman was not considered respectable unless she was married. This is changing in more modern cities such as St Petersberg, but smaller villages still see women take on traditional roles. Historically, this means serving their men, taking care of the children and doing the household chores. In return, men are expected to complement their wives often with flowers and affection.

Are Russian Men Loyal?

To answer this question, first take a society that values men above women. Now add a shortage of single men into the mix. Although most men are loyal to their spouse, the opportunity for infidelity is high.

Put simply, the odds are in the man's favour in Russia. Women outnumber men and he can very easily attract another woman for an affair if he is married. It is not uncommon for a girl to offer casual sex to a man with the expectation of starting a long term relationship.

How Can You Learn From This?

Despite your first feelings, Russian women are not searching for the total opposite of Russian men. Instead, learn from Russian men. Pay your girlfriend compliments and bring her and her family gifts when you visit her. Be sincere and focus on how much you appreciate family (particularly if she is divorced and has a baby from her first marriage).

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